Shopify App

Out here, you will learn on how to create a private app in Shopify.

Step 1: Login to Shopify and click on Apps

Step 2: Scroll down and click on Manage Private Apps
Step 3: Click on create new private app
Step 4: Now mention the Private app name and Emergency developer email to click on Show inactive Admin API permissions
Private app name: ChannelSale
Emergency developer email:
Step 5: Now provide access to below fields and click on checkbox for the app access
Also check the boxes for Read product tags and Read Inventory of product and their variant as mention in screenshot and create the app
► Products: Read and write
► Inventory: Read and write
► Orders: Read and write
► Product Listings: Read and write
► Third-party fulfillment orders: Read and write
Step 6: Now after creating the app, scroll up and send below details:
API key

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