eBay Token

In order to connect eBay with your ChannelSale account, you will need is to authorize the connection between the two systems.

For this, your eBay, credentials will need to be authenticated by eBay. You will have to follow the steps mentioned below:


  1. Login to your ChannelSale account.
  2. Navigate to > > Marketplaces > Marketplaces Settings > Account Details
  3. Select eBay in the dropdown menu and click on “Get Token”
  1. You will be directed to your eBay account where you will prompted to enter the eBay credentials.
  2. Once you confirm your credentials, you will have to agree to the connection between ChannelSale and eBay.
  3. The eBay token will then be generated and show up in your ChannelSale dashboard.



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