Amazon MWS Set-up

In order to connect your Amazon account with your ChannelSale account, you will need is to authorize ChannelSale as a developer in your Amazon dashboard.

Setting up integration with Amazon’s MWS API

Amazon’s MWS API is required for ChannelSale to be able to integrate with Amazon on your behalf. Please follow the instructions below to set up the integration.
  • Open a new browser window and go to
  • Click the developer sign up button and click link my account now button and log into your Amazon seller account
  • In the Amazon Web Service Account Number field enter “3666-8512-6348″(without the quotes)
  • Accept the agreements and click submit button
  • You will be presented with Your Amazon account information. Copy the MerchantID and MarketplaceID value from Amazon MWS page into this window in the field below
    and click save button on this page
  1. Once the MWS details have been generated, navigate to Marketplaces > Marketplaces Settings > Account Details
  2. Enter the following details and click Save.

Seller Id :
Marketplace ID :
MWS Auth Token :

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